Kirk Rudy

Kirk-Rudy manufactures a wide variety of paper handling equipment and addressing systems for the direct mail, printing, newspaper, and card industries.

They have been designing and manufacturing paper handling equipment and addressing systems since 1967.


GBR Systems Corporation is an "integrated systems solution provider" whose products range from smart feeder/folders interfacing with conventional inserters to computer-controlled folding machines interfacing with computer printers. GBR serves the following industries: direct mailers, lettershops & presort processing companies, binderies, commercial printers, in-plant mail & document processing centers, financial & banking institutions and many more


Streamfeeder designs, manufactures, and provides automation solutions for a wide variety of applications
and industries.


Helsley Mailing Supply (HMS) is your first stop in mailing supplies.

Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter, the company that
brought you real innovation like…

-> Buckle separation
-> Straight feeding
-> Repositionable belts and separators
-> 5 minute belt changes and more…