New Equipment

AMSCO AM-11000

AMSCO specializes in remanufacturing inserting equipment. Our inserters are known world wide for their quality and being able to withstand years of use and abuse. We can custom build an inserter to meet any of your inserting needs. For pricing or any other information contact AMSCO at (972) 869-2844, monday through friday 8am-5pm central.

KR497 Servo Attaching System

Save time and money with Kirk-Rudy's all new KR 497 Servo Attaching System. Attach small plastic cards as well as product up to 8.5" x 11" quickly and accurately to a wide variety of product.

The KR497's high-vacuum transport table is ready to run inline with another machine or KR feed system. Vacuum belts carry product smothly beneath the hot melt applicator and KR497 Servo-Feeder. Base length and width options make it easy to create an attaching system matching your requirements.

Designed to be flexible, the KR497 applicator handles a wide variety of products and jobs. Run plastic cards, magnets as well as a variety of folded paper products and apply up to three pieces onto a single carrier. If needed, the standalone feeder is easily mounted onto another product transport or web press.


Speed matching between the feeder and base ensures accurate placement of a wide variety of stock from plastic cards up to 8.5" x 11" sheets.

Contact us today to find out how flexibility, accuracy and price make the KR497 Attaching System hard to beat.

Wide Format Printing System

Expand your printing opportunities with WideJet, Kirk-Rudy's newest inkjet printing system. Designed for those needing wide format printing capabilities, WideJet prints 4.25" of high quality graphics, addresses and barcodes on mail tables, web and sheet fed printing presses.

WideJet's new technology makes it simple to use with little operator intervention. The print module's cartridge capping and wiping system keeps the cartridges in optimal printing condition. Cartridges are kept full by WideJet's bulk ink system. Dual 775 ml ink modulsa are software controlled and hot-swapped, as needed to keep jobs running.

535 CS Tabmaster

The KR 535 makes tabbing of paper products faster and easier than ever. A straight-forward operator interface simplifies operator training and setup while industry standard motors and controls makes the KR 535 simple to operate and economical to maintain. All major types of tabs as well as pressure sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes can be placed on a wide variety of products. Right or left edge tabbing, bump turn attachments, wide and fan-folded label kits along with a folder interface conveyor option makes the KR 535 a truly flexible system that can grow with your business.

Wave Jet

WaveJet’s custom designed ink and high- resolution inkjet technology means you no longer have to sacrifice print quality for versatility.
Introducing the WaveJet Addressing System - Kirk-Rudy’s solution for coated stock addressing. Use WaveJet to print great looking addresses and graphics on a wide variety of paper including most non-porous, coated stocks. WaveJet’s unique capability allows you to offer customers more of what they’re looking for – eye-catching ads on glossy paper.

Net Jet Addressing System

Introducing NetJet, Kirk-Rudy’s newest inkjet addressing system. NetJet combines the latest HP inkjet technology with a high-end, Windows-based user-interface.

Designed to accommodate all production environments, NetJet stands apart from the crowd. Whether it’s basic addressing or sophisticated imaging involving variable graphics and rotated text, NetJet can do it all. KR’s wide assortment of feeders and transports allows you to configure a NetJet system that suits your needs and budget.

When additional functionality is needed, NetJet offers several unique options such as ½” of moveable print and an integrated service station that automatically caps cartridges between uses keeping cartridges from drying out.

When you’re in the market for an addressing system, get the latest in HP technology with NetJet.

KR 215 labeling system

When you need to attach paper address labels onto a wide variety of paper products, turn to the system mailers have used for decades - the KR 215 labeling system.

Consisting of the KR 215 feed base, KR 211 label head and shingle conveyor, the KR 215 Labeling System combines the flexibility of the KR feed base with the precise label registration of the KR 211 label head. Media size ranges from single sheets 3.5" wide by 5" long to books 5/8" thick books 17" wide by 14" long.

KR 496F

Heavy-duty and fast, the KR 496F handles hard to feed items such as Z-folds and open ended products. Easily mounts onto and integrates with the KR shuttle feeder. Because friction feeders are not suited for feeding many catalogues and books, both types of feed systems are necessary to handle the widest range of products. A separate frame assembly makes feed belt replacement quick and easy. Optional configurations include wide and narrow product feed kits, extended out feed and mounting stand. See the KR 496FC for batch and or staged feeding.

Key Benefits
Integrates with KR inkjet bases
Heavy-duty construction
Simplified feed belt replacement

KR 415 Interface Conveyor

Be more productive by running your KR inkjet system or tabber inline with your folder using the KR 415 Interface Conveyor. The KR 415 bridges the gap and height difference between the folder outfeed and the KR system eliminating a secondary feed operation.
The pivoting infeed provides infinite adjustment between 19.5" and 33"off the deck. An integrated bump turn orients product for inkjet addressing or tabbing. Top belts on the outfeed ensure product is controlled as it exits the KR 415.

Use the KR 415 with most brands of folding, inkjet and tabbing systems. It's fast, durable and reliable...just what you've come to expect from Kirk-Rudy.